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Tim and Melanie's Story

Over years of ministry, local faith communities have emerged and Yawo leaders are discipling local believers. These leaders joined together to form a committee so they could make decisions in unity and with autonomy. From this committee a local not-for-profit company named Cipula Camwenya Ltd was formed. They enable the local people to join together through income generating initiatives, discipleship programs, children and youth groups, training and other activities.

This faith-based company holds the vision to empower communities to follow their own distinctive ways of following Jesus. They seek to empower believers to be free from poverty, free from dependency on hand-outs and able to share Jesus in a culturally appropriate way without being donor driven. 

Tim and Melanie with their son Clayton are partnering in this initiative. They are teaching, training, encouraging and kingdom building. Please join with them in celebrating this growth and praying for those believers who are willing to take this leap of faith. 

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Prayer Points

  • For God’s Spirit to work among the Yawo to breakthrough age-old strongholds
  • For protection and good health for Tim, Mel and their children as they interact with so much sickness and disease
  • For unity among the team of Baptist Mission Australia intercultural team members
  • For strength for the local believers as they live out their faith

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