Our primary focus is to serve the least-reached

At Baptist Mission Australia our primary focus is to serve among particular least-reached people groups who have little or no knowledge about Jesus. Your church can join us in this focusing on one of these people groups. Our desire is that through this you will establish a strong love relationship which opens up to these least-reached groups the possibility of a transforming love relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your Commitment as a Church

When focusing a people group through Baptist Mission Australia, you commit to:
  • getting to know the people group
  • praying for the people group regularly and in an informed way
  • exploring possible ways you can support Baptist Mission Australia intercultural staff and projects who are working to enable the people group to experience Jesus

Why focus on a people group?

We've seen many churches transformed by focusing on a people group.
  • Renewed passion, commitment to, understanding of, and involvement in global mission
  • Helps the church create a united global mission focus.
  • Opportunities to connect with intercultural workers who serve that people group - receive their newsletters, guest speakers etc
  • Opportunities for Global Xposure trips to visit the team working among the people group
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Injustice of the least-reached

Of the 16,000 people groups in the world, more than 6,000 are considered least-reached. These groups do not have access to the gospel due to cultural, linguistic, political or other barriers.

Many people in these groups will go from birth to death without ever hearing about Jesus. Less than 1% of people in these groups are believers, and Christians in nearby areas are not reaching out to them.

Currently 96% of Christian workers and resources are concentrated on the third of the world who already call themselves Christian. A further 3% is dedicated to another third who already have access to the gospel. This leaves a third of the world who have never heard the gospel, for which we have dedicated less than 1% of Christian workers and resources.

More Information
For more information about and resources for People Group Focus, contact your State Office.