Wednesday 01 May

Kicking off May Mission Month!

Today marks the commencement of May Mission Month 2024 – a very special time in the annual calendar of Baptist Mission Australia. We look forward to engaging with churches across the country, celebrating and exploring our 'Mending!' theme.

This month we focus on God’s beautiful, restorative vision for the world and our privilege of serving as co-menders in local communities – across the street, across the globe. 

As we kick of May Mission Month today, here’s a wonderful story from our South East Asia team. It powerfully reminds us of God’s mending activity - one life at a time! 

Frank had lost hope. His wife had recently died. He was left with two young children. He couldn’t find adequate employment to care for his children. Earning minimal income through casual work, he and his children ate only twice a day – usually just rice. 

One of the local leaders in the education foundation heard about Frank and his difficult situation from her sister. She contacted Frank and invited him to apply for a job as a caretaker at one of our education sites. He now earns enough to provide nutritious food for his children and pay for their school needs. He now has medical insurance through the foundation and a retirement fund. 
When Frank received his first work pay, the team told me he literally fell to the ground weeping and expressing gratitude over and over. Born into the majority faith group, he now participates in a weekly small group that learns from God’s Word. His life is being radically changed.
The local staff recently surprised him with a birthday cake. It was the first time in his life anyone had ever celebrated his birthday. Frank broke into tears again! Let’s be praying as God’s Spirit works in Frank’s life, the foundation staff and our South East Asia team.

Frank is loved by our mending God, and I pray for his continuing journey towards Jesus and understanding the good news in ways that make sense to him. Across the globe today and in Australia we’re privileged to serve together as co-menders – living the good news by the word and deed – in hurting and needy communities. 

I am reminded at the start of May Mission Month 2024 that God’s mending activity begins in my own heart and mind – as God’s Spirit beckons me to courageously co-operate with His renewing, cultivating work. The Spirit desires to shape all of us into people who more and more, look, live, lead and love like Jesus. This way we become more authentic and credible witnesses for Jesus in the places we are called to serve.

And what a privilege it is – to rub shoulders with others – seeking to be the hands and feet of Jesus, being used by our mending God to bring love, hope, care and kindness to others – to people like Frank, yearning for change in their lives! 

I was in Perth last weekend for an early start to May Mission Month and I’m looking forward to engaging with churches, pastors and supporters in five states over the next month. A very big thank you to everyone from our mission community and all our supporting churches who will play their part in this special season.

This month we are encouraged and challenged to pray, be generous and take action in supporting all that God’s Spirit is doing across the world through our teams and partners. 

We need your faithful prayers. We need your generous financial support. We need people to actively stand alongside us as passionate partners in the good news! We only exist at Baptist Mission Australia with the support of churches and individuals from across our movement. 

If our team can assist you and your church in any way this month then please be in touch

Thank you to everyone who shares in the Baptist Mission Australia faith story. Please join us and make the most of May Mission Month 2024. Check out the wonderful suite of Mending! resources here >>

My prayers are with you as you embrace God’s co-mending vision in your life and local community. Go well!

Grace and peace
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