Jesus said "Go and make disciples".

When Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” he used the Greek word “ethnÄ“”, meaning peoples or ethnic groups.

Baptist Mission Australia’s desire is to strengthen intercultural teams with faithful followers of Jesus who have a passionate, long-term commitment to share the love of Jesus with local people in nine least-reached people groups.

Our experience tells us that these deep relationships of trust are formed over many years.  They require a long term commitment by intercultural team members living among local people, continually developing their understanding of local culture and language, and prayerfully engaging in that community with integrity and care.


There are also opportunities for people with specific skills for short or long-term support of our intercultural teams in their work.

Be open to the possibility that God may be inviting you to join an intercultural team, If you love God, love people and are willing to share your faith, explore it further with your state leader.

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