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In a remote district of Assam in India, is a people group who we long to see empowered and enabled to gain reliable access to food, clean water, healthcare and education. This project supports our ongoing partnership with the Boro Baptist Church Association (BBCA) in Assam who are striving to meet these needs but cannot do it on their own.

The BBCA have come alongside the Adivasi people for many years but more recently the numbers of Adivasi people moving back to the district has put a growing pressure on the resources of the BBCA. To enable this work to continue effectively, we are partnering with the BBCA. They regularly provide vocational skills training classes such as tailoring or carpentry, they provide health education classes which cover general health, maternal wellbeing and nutrition for families, literacy classes are provided and last but certainly not least, they provide Bible classes to share the Good News and support the community in their faith journey. We desire to see basic needs being met and social, educational and economic empowerment established now and passed on to future generations of the Adivasi.
This is a five-year partnership and the cost is $22,000 per year for five years.

Through this project we desire to see access to basic needs as well as and to see improved outcomes in health, education and employment. All these areas work hand in hand for better outcomes and we need your help to make it happen.

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