How does a dollar postage stamp result in an annual profit of over $60,000 for Baptist Mission Australia?

For more than 50 years many people have been collecting and selling stamps to raise money for the work of Baptist Mission Australia. Many of you faithfully send in bundles of used stamps.

Why send in used postage stamps

Your old stamps can raise money for Baptist Mission Australia.

How do old stamps raise money?

After we've trimmed and sorted the stamps, we sell them to local stamp dealers and stamp collectors. We can raise up to $40 for a kilogram of used stamps. In 2023 we raised $60,000 for Baptist Mission Australia from this stamp ministry.

How many stamps do you process?

We sell more than 150 kilograms of cut stamps every year.
One kilo contains about 5,000 stamps, so that's a whole lot of stamps!

Where do all the stamps come from?

Most come from office mail collected from businesses across the state. And many individuals and churches send in stamps as well.

Do I need to trim and sort the stamps?

If you can trim and sort the stamps before sending them in, it saves us a lot of work! Just cut the stamps off the envelope, leaving a 5mm border around the edge. Sort them by denomination for Australian stamps and by country for overseas stamps.

Where do I send the stamps?

Drop off your used to our National Office in Melbourne, or your local Baptist Mission Australia State Office. 

Who is involved with the Stamp Committee?

There is a team of volunteers operating in each state. They collect bags of stamps from different businesses and individuals. They work hard trimming the stamps and sorting them. The generous hard work of all our volunteers means that our operating costs are virtually nil and the huge profit can go to the work of Baptist Mission Australia. To get involved, contact your State Office.

Is this the only way to raise money with stamps?

No. We also buy mint, unused stamps at auctions for less than the face value. Then we on-sell these stamps to churches and other organisations. Find out more about buying stamps.

How do I share about Stamps with my friends? (POSTERS)

Baptist Mission Australia has produced a series of state based Stamp Ministry posters with an editiable text box for you personalise with contact details and collect stamps on behalf of the state offices.  

A4 colour posters for your church, community group or work noticeboard  and A5 colour flyers to be handed out to your friends.  Download these promotional materials for your Australian state here: