Our Prayers Make a Difference

Wednesday 17 Feb

Prayer is at the heart of who we are.

I recently received a letter from an elderly supporter, who informed me that his wife had passed away. He shared some beautiful words about his wife of more than 60 years and her passionate support of our Global Interaction mission community.

She had raised funds, promoted our work in her church, given generously and, as her husband humbly noted, “she had prayed for Global Interaction workers each and every day of our married life.

Now that’s partnership. That’s commitment. That’s obedience.

One of our fine alumni, Dr Stuart Robinson, who has written much on prayer, says, “To pray and obey are absolutely foundational, nothing of consequence will happen without them.

I need to hear that challenge afresh in my own life and leadership. As a mission community it is good to remind ourselves that prayer is not something we do, but it’s very much at the heart who we are as people of God, as people privileged to join God where He is at work around our community, nation and world.

We’re a people who want to be about consequential things – we have a compelling vision – to see vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways. We choose to work in difficult places; our passionate workers face many challenges, but they all see great opportunities and more, God at work.

Your Prayers Make a Difference from Global Interaction on Vimeo.

I am privileged to be a part of this and prayer is a key facet of our partnership.

Our first core value reads: We participate in God’s mission, being prayerfully attentive to God’s leading.

It’s intentionally placed first to remind us that we’re about God’s mission. And we’re about prayer. We are graciously invited to participate with God in what he is doing around the world and we discover his plans and purposes through prayer.

In Jeremiah 29, when God speaks of His preferred future for His people, He calls His people to prayer; highlighting that His good plans and purposes will be found by those who humbly and wholeheartedly seek after Him in prayer.

May that be us together – people wholeheartedly seeking after Him and ready in obedience to follow, humbly, but with bold faith as we pursue things of Kingdom consequence.

Thank you for your partnership.

Grace and peace
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