Active Witness - South East Asia

Wednesday 20 Jun

A follower of Jesus in South East Asia influences many. 

Mrs N became a follower of Jesus several years ago and was the first believer in her village. Within her community, Mrs N is a witness to her faith. Mrs N’s neighbour is now attending a Bible Study with her and her niece is also actively studying God’s Word. This niece has a difficult family situation and Mrs N ensured she finished high school by contributing to the education costs. Mrs N’s husband who has previously been very resistant, is now becoming warmer towards Jesus.

Dave and Caz can see that Mrs N is influencing many. Her sister gave birth last year, however the baby girl wasn’t eating and was close to death. Mrs N asked Caz to come over and pray for the baby in the name of Jesus. Praise God the little girl was healed and is now healthy and very active!

Thank God for Mrs N’s faith and the way He is working in and through her to build His Kingdom. Pray for fruitful conversations and Mrs N’s continued witness within her community.  « Back to News