Holding Strong to Faith - South East Asia

Wednesday 24 May

Rieka's faith is growing and she wants to share the Good News with her family... no matter the cost. 

Rieka is a language nurturer at the Education Foundation and has formed good friendships with our workers. She comes from a Muslim background and is not aware of any followers of Jesus within her family or neighbourhood community. When she began attending the weekly Bible devotions at the foundation she was deeply suspicious. However, over time, she found the Scriptures were speaking into her heart and soon she was avidly taking notes.

After several months, Jesus appeared to Rieka in a dream. She identified who He was and began praying in His name. Her faith grew and she made the decision to be baptised. Despite this decision having the potential to cause conflict in her family and community repercussions, she is holding strong to her faith. Her desire is to share with others the Good News that she now has… no matter the cost.

Thank God for her faith and pray for her family and community to also come to follow Jesus.

To read the full story, or to give: www.globalinteraction.org.au/support/living-water-appeal

Please note: Rieka’s name and photo have been changed to protect her and our ministry in South East Asia « Back to News