Baptists in Mission

Wednesday 12 May

Scott shares about an exciting opportunity. 

When I was praying and considering the invitation to lead the Global Interaction community, a highly respected Baptist pastor encouraged me to take on the role, with the challenge: “It’s a great opportunity, for we are at our best when focused on mission together.”
He is right. The mission of God is at the core of our Australian Baptist identity.

The constant challenge: how do we continue to courageously and creatively embrace God’s gracious invitation to join him in his redemptive vision across the world and in our own neighbourhoods?

At our best as a movement we articulate the Good News of Jesus in word and deed, always staying true to the heart of the Gospel and sensitive to cultural context – locally and across the world.

What our workers and teams have learned on location over many years has much relevance to churches across the nation today. In an ever-changing Australia and world, we’re committed at Global Interaction to supporting local churches grapple with relevant missiological issues, while we also learn, resource and partner together across the globe.

For a number of years Global Interaction has run a very effective Strategic Mission Week, but over the past year the Leadership Team has sensed God’s Spirit encouraging us to build on the strengths of this focused learning time through collaborating with other Baptist partners across Australia.

I am very excited that Global Interaction will join with Crossover, Baptist agency partners and our Baptist State Associations to deliver the first-ever 'Baptists in Mission' Conference from July 5-7, 2021.


Whether your particular calling takes you across the street, across the country, or to the other side of the world, this conference is for you!

The conference will be shaped around three major themes, God Before Us, God Around Us and God with Us. There will be a great range of practitioners presenting at the conference, which will be available online as well as at in-person hubs in a number of locations across the country.

You can find out everything you need to know here >>

Please join me in praying for this watershed gathering. Let me encourage you and your church community or ministry organisation to join us in July for this unique learning and collaborative opportunity.

Please be in touch with our team if you would like more information.

Grace and peace
P.S. Please continue to be praying for May Mission Month and our organisation’s engagement with churches and partners across the nation. You can find out more here >>
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