Decades of Faithful Witness - South Asia

Wednesday 06 Dec

A B man's faith in Jesus stays strong.

In 1980, there was a B man who asked about the ‘Living One’. Morris recently spoke to this man, all these years later, and heard about how he has continued to live out his faith, sharing it with his family and friends. 

When Morris shared this story, he well knows that it is the prayer of our hearts that each of our intercultural workers will have the privilege of conversations centred on answering that precious and life giving question. We pray that ‘Who is the Living One?’ will be on the hearts of many our teams connect with. 

We give thanks to the patient workers in this region all those years ago and are encouraged by Morris’ testimony to the work of the Global Interaction team. Please keep thanking God for our workers in South Asia and pray for their continuing ministry in this region. 

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