Investing in Kingdom Work

Wednesday 17 Mar

Introducing our new Supporter Engagement Manager, Tim Collison!

In our 2021-2025 Strategic Roadmap we recognise the essential role of our Global Interaction supporters. Without the support of our partners – individuals, families and churches - our mission community would not exist. It’s that simple.
And so it has been exciting to welcome Tim Collison (pictured) to our team this year, in the new role of Supporter Engagement Manager. In this Global Interaction News & Prayer update, let me introduce you to Tim. I look forward to how Tim will help strengthen our relationship with our partners, improve our donor experience, develop a formal bequest initiative and work with me on better engaging with our alumni.
Tim is already making his mark and I can see how God will use him to make a big difference across our mission community. I sat with Tim and asked him some questions, so we can all hear some of his story.
SCOTT: Tim, tell us a little about growing up as a child of intercultural worker parents?

TIM: I grew up in Tanzania and Kenya, with parents who were with CMS. In Tanzania, my parents worked in a village where some of the Jungle Doctor stories were set. In Nairobi, my parents helped establish affordable clinics in informal settlements. They did this in partnership with a local church, Nairobi Chapel.

My childhood would have been very similar to many Australian children. I had friends, went to sleepovers, caught the bus to school, etc. But it also opened my eyes to what working interculturally looks like. The costs, the joys, and the calling. I know how many people worldwide want to share God’s love with their local communities, and I know that Australians love to partner with people around the world to do this.

SCOTT: How did God’s Spirit lead you into fundraising/supporter engagement ministry?

TIM: After a season of being a youth and young adults pastor, and studying for ordination, I stepped away. During a year as a lead fuel agent (it’s about as exciting as it sounds) I explored where I might next be led. I really enjoy working with people, and helping them understand and explore what it looks like to be a member of Jesus’ Kingdom. Working in fundraising and supporter engagement means I get to spend plenty of time thinking through this, and helping other people think through this as well.
SCOTT: What excites you as you look ahead in your role at Global Interaction?

TIM: I think engaging with supporting Kingdom work is a great way to experience God’s grace, so I’m always excited to talk to people about what that looks like. I’m excited about meeting more and more Global Interaction supporters and hearing about why they partner with our intercultural workers.
SCOTT: How can partners pass on any feedback to you?

TIM: I can be reached at my email Or ring the office on (03) 9819 4944. I look forward to connecting with any of our valued partners, getting their feedback and helping them get the information they need about our workers or projects.


I know you will join me in praying for Tim in this vital new role. And if you’re one of our valued supporters and we can assist you in any way, or if you have feedback for us, then please be in contact with Tim.

Grace and Peace, 
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