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Wednesday 24 Nov

Scott shares about an exciting new discipleship course coming in 2022!

Exploring Mission: New Course for 2022! from Global Interaction on Vimeo.

Global Interaction intercultural workers come alongside people in their local communities each day, embodying the good news of Jesus by word and loving action. As they do this, they embrace afresh God’s gracious invitation to mission. 

That’s why we exist as an organisation. That’s one of the reasons we’re changing our name to Baptist Mission Australia. At our core, we exist for God’s mission. 

As Christopher Wright captures it in The Mission of God’s People:
It is not so much the case that God has a mission for his church in the world, as that God has a church for his mission in the world. Mission was not made for the church; the church was made for mission – God’s mission.

Yes, we are all invited to share in God’s mission – where we are, right now – across the street, as well as across the world. And yet if we’re honest, many of us can be unsure about what that looks like in practice. We can be uncertain as to where we fit in God’s vision – locally and globally. We can be unclear about how God can use me, where I am, as a disciple-maker and advocate for justice. 

I talk to many people who want to learn and engage more, but feel they need some help. 

And that’s why I am so excited that Global Interaction, soon to be Baptist Mission Australia, will be launching Exploring Mission in 2022.

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Exploring Mission is a course designed to connect everyday Christians with God’s big redemption story, and to help them find their place in it, including local intercultural work in our neighbourhoods and suburbs, developing passion and advocacy in the local Church, long-term global mission and more. It will cover areas of theology, mission, context, culture, justice and the Gospel.

Exploring Mission will be an online and in-person course, available to people of all ages, wanting a deeper appreciation for and commitment to engaging with God’s mission. It can be taken in one year or at your own pace and comes at a very low cost, given our commitment to support missional learning across our movement.

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I am looking forward to seeing the difference this course will make in the life of participants, their local churches and communities and across our movement.

This course is being facilitated by Pip Miner and Jodie McCartney, two of our highly respected and passionate team members. Pip and Jodie will draw on their own extensive experience in mission, postgraduate studies, and leading learning cohorts. They will also bring in other intercultural specialists, mission practitioners, and partners from the global South. 

I expect Exploring Mission will be a space for humble, curious and deep learning together and I hope many of our supporters, partners and churches will embrace this great new course in 2022.

Exploring Mission recognises that we are already living, learning and working in intercultural contexts – be that in the suburbs, or a regional centre or overseas. Mission is a lived experience. We also recognise that our world is rapidly changing and therefore intercultural mission must keep pace. An outdated approach to global mission simply will not cut it! 

This new course is one of a number of new initiatives that will keep us fresh in our thinking and practice, as a mission community committed to incarnation, innovation and God’s Spirit leading us forward.

Let me encourage to find out more and spread the word that Exploring Mission is coming in 2022.

Grace and peace
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