Faithful Witness - Outback Australia

Wednesday 13 Sep

A woman's faith is reborn. 

Incultural Workers Bill and Pauline serve among five Outback communities. Recently an Indigenous woman from one of the northern communities went to hospital for chest pains. Over time she had fallen away from her faith. However, while in hospital she rang one of the local church leaders to pray with her. As the leader was praying with her, she clearly felt God’s peace come over her. When she returned to the community following her time in hospital, she came back to God and now regularly attends church services and the women’s Bible study.

Her initial call to this particular leader was prompted by her observation of how much this leader’s life had been transformed since she began following Jesus years earlier. She is a living testimony of her faith in Jesus.

Thank God for this leader’s faithful witness within her community and pray that others, like the woman in hospital, would have a renewed faith in God.  

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