God's Plan - Thailand

Wednesday 14 Apr

Glenn shares how God is opening opportunities for new connections. It's all part of His plan!

"One evening a couple of months ago I was working at my computer when I saw Liz through the window talking to a man at our front gate. When I went to speak to them, I found out the man had heard that we are the English teachers in our community. He is the Director of a school about 40km away in the mountains and had come to ask if we were able to come and run a one-day English Camp at his school. Border restrictions due to COVID-19 had meant that his usual native English speaking teacher was unable to enter the country. Liz and I both looked at each other and thought this would be a good opportunity, so we set a date and started to think about how we should run it. 
I must admit, I was a little nervous, not because I didn’t know how to run an English Camp, but because I’ve always had help from teams or family that have come from Australia. Rocking up and trying to keep 50 kids entertained when there was only two of us was my worry. But after meeting the other teachers at the school and setting up, my nerves were subsiding. As the morning went on it was becoming more and more obvious that I need not have worried at all. I could feel God’s presence with us as the timing and activities were going smoothly, and the kids were engaged and having fun. So, then it got me wondering as to why God would have us here. 
At lunch time were treated to a great lunch of Northern Thai food. As we sat, ate lunch and chatted with the teachers and the director and we found out that he lives just a few houses down from ours. He asked us lots of questions about ourselves and we were able to share with him about our faith and our desire to share about Jesus within our community.  
The day after the English camp we met with our language nurturer. She was very excited to show us a picture that she had seen on Facebook the night before of Liz and I running the English Camp! Apparently one of the teachers at the school was a distant relative of hers, one that she would call her ‘little sister’. We were surprised, the school was in a small community far away from ours. Only God could knit these relationships together the way He does.  
Since the English camp I have had opportunities to visit the school director a few times. I found out that he has a son about the same age as Seb and he also loves watching Chiang Rai United (our local professional football team). As COVID restrictions have slowly lifted I’ve had the opportunity to go and watch a few football games with him and our boys.  
I am constantly surprised by the community that we live in and can’t wait for God to reveal more of His plan to us." « Back to News