Making Opportunities - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 12 Jul

Through English teaching, the team is forming connections within the community. 

The team in the Silk Road have been involved in English teaching for many years. This year they have relocated into a larger space following the conversion of a house into the new English teaching and community centre. There was much excitement about the centre with local people taking a keen interest in the developments of the conversion and asking the team about their plans for the centre.

Increasing the English proficiency of the K people is a key priority of the government and this centre is an excellent way for the team to be visibly contributing to the community. With the conversion complete, English classes have begun and the team is excited to consider the other ways they could use the centre to contribute, such as Occupational Therapy sessions and a Kids’ club.

Importantly, this centre offers a wonderful and natural platform for the team to meet local people and build genuine friendships with them. As these relationships deepen, the team are looking for ways to talk about Jesus and have meaningful spiritual conversations.

Pray that the team would be sensitive to the Spirit as they connect with K people through the centre and seek to share the Gospel.

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