Training Leaders - Malawi

Wednesday 21 Dec

David and Susie share how Yawo beleivers are being equipped to lead.

"'ve lived in a village in rural Malawi all your life.

You’ve been to other villages and rural towns, but perhaps never to the big ‘smokes’ of Lilongwe and Blantyre. You are proficient in your native language, Ciyawo, the national language Chichewa, and maybe some others. But not English.

You and others in your village have been gripped by the message of the prophet Isa, Jesus. It’s life-changing, and you dedicate yourselves to following Him. You meet regularly to learn from His Word, pray and encourage each other. You and one other lead this group, and you now need to be equipped for this. How?

One expected next step would be Biblical studies at college. But neither of you has completed secondary school or has the required proficiency in English.

This is happening right now among Yawo communities in Malawi.

God is good. One solution the team here facilitates is certificate-level theological training by extension. Rather than extracting faith group leaders from their communities and sending them away to theological college, the training comes to them. They’re taught in their own language, using resources produced locally in Malawi. 

The training is first translated from English to Ciyawo, then copies printed and bound. On alternate weeks, David, his culture & language nurturer and one of the local leaders head to two separate groups of leaders. They generally grab a bite to eat, then learn together for a couple of hours.

Thank you for investing prayer, time and resources with us – you have been a key part in sharing Jesus and training up Yawo men and women in their faith in Him." « Back to News