Meeting People Where They Surf - Western Australia

Tuesday 10 May

A local Pastor shares how he's crossing the street.

Meeting People Where They Surf - Andrew Hamilton, WA

Andrew Hamilton is a Pastor at Quinns Baptist Church in WA and an avid surfer. In this video, Andrew shares how he meets people where they are in his everyday life. It's a wonderful encouragement for all of us that, most of time, mission isn't about the big, spectacular moments. Instead, it's about the ordinary, everyday moments that we choose to invite Jesus into. Locally and globally, mission is about taking the ordinary opportunities the Spirit opens for us to step out and cross the street with the hope of Jesus.

As you pray for our intercultural teams around the world, we also lift up you and your church community's local mission engagement. Wherever we are, let's be praying for more crossing the street moments as we live as sent followers of Jesus.   

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