Mission Community Updates

Tuesday 25 Oct

Scott shares some news from across our mission community.



It’s great to welcome Andrew Duncan and Nathan Reid back to the Baptist Mission Australia community. Andrew and Nathan have commenced this month in their respective roles of NSW/ACT State Leader and National Mobilisation Manager. Both roles will be based in Sydney.

It has been very encouraging to hear so much positive feedback to these appointments and it highlights the respect that team members and partners have for Andrew and Nathan.

These first few weeks on the job will see Andrew and Nathan involved in orientation, meeting other National Team members, and connecting with the Leadership Team on our strategic priorities. As part of Nathan’s role, he will also become Team Leader of our Urban & Regional Australia team. Andrew joined Suse this week for his first debrief as our NSW/ACT Leader, connecting with Mat and Shannon Anderson and their kids as part of their home assignment care and support. 

I know you will join me in welcoming Nathan and Andrew and praying for them as they settle into their new roles.


Rev David Groves, who has had a significant impact across our Baptist movement, including significant seasons of service with Baptist Mission Australia and Baptist World Aid, passed away this month.

David and his wife Alison served in Papua [Irian Jaya] from 1974 to 1987. Alison shared with me recently that, “our family and ministry experiences in Irian Jaya were one of the highlights of our life. We feel so blessed to have been a part of the development of the church there.” 

David went on to lead Baptist World Aid Australia from 1989 to 2000, playing a vital role in the development of the organisation and building awareness on justice issues across our movement of churches. 

I have fond memories of engaging with David at different times in my ministry journey and I was always inspired by his passion for justice, his willingness to be a voice for the voiceless and his Christ-like compassionate heart. 

Please join me in praying for Alison and their family at this time of loss. As they grieve, they also celebrate David’s lasting life and faith legacy.


An important person of peace on the Silk Road passed away last week. "Ishmael” was a man dear to the hearts of our present team members and someone who would be well known to former Silk Road alumni.

Team Leader Eliza says: “Ishmael was a man of honour in his K community and had been the gatekeeper for Silk Road teammates to establish work in his area.”

A former teammate described him as “friendly, warm and welcoming”; another mentioned his “welcoming spirit to us Aussie workers”. It was a privilege for Ben, Petra, David and Eliza to attend his funeral last Friday, four Aussies in a sea of K people honouring this man’s life and contribution. 

Eliza writes: “Significantly, his son “Alan” has been a type of fixer for our team since our first team members arrived in the country, two decades ago, and it was important for us to stand with him as he grieved the loss of his father. While this family has not professed a faith in the Jesus, they have been important people of peace who have made a way for us to not only live in this country but to go about our work of sharing the good news with the K people. For this, we thank God.

Let’s be in prayer for Ishmael’s family and our team’s relationship with them and other people of peace they are serving alongside.
Grace and peace
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