Catching Up - Mozambique

Wednesday 04 Mar

Cam and Kath are back in Mozambique and catching up with Yawo friends. 

Cam and Kath have returned to Mozambique for their third term. Here they share about some of the Yawo friends they’ve reconnected with.

“We’ve had such a great time catching up with our friends here - lots of hugs and handshakes and complaints that we were gone too long! It’s good to be back, feels a bit like we never left (in a good way). Just a few of the people we've reconnected with are:
  • Mama A who is one of our favourite grandmas here. Her late husband was the first guy to invite us over for a chat many years ago and from that day forward we were adopted into the family. She’s probably in her late 70s and still rides her bike to the farm (about 7km away) every other day.
  • Cam’s language nurturer and his long last mate from years ago who we stumbled across in a village out near the Malawi border. Baba N had come with Cam and I on a visit to see a grandpa with sore legs. He’s the uncle of the chief who is now following Jesus and the chief had asked us to come and visit.
  • Our village chief, the only woman we know in our area who is in that position. I (Kath) often try to visit her just across the road but she’s almost never home. So I told her I would come and find her at her farm one day and we when Jack and I rocked she thought it was pretty hilarious. We’d taken the long way through the bush and as visiting means the world to people here she loved that we’d gone the extra mile (or 10!). 
We feel so privileged to be doing life with these friends. Please keep praying for them and the others in our lives.” « Back to News