Whole Communities - Mozambique

Wednesday 06 Sep

Praying for communities to be transformed by the message of Jesus.

Mr G is a Yawo believer in Mozambique. Within his village there are very few others who follow Jesus. Keen to spend time talking about and learning from the Bible, Mr G began meeting with team member Scott to study the Bible and pray. However, it wasn’t enough for just him to have the opportunity to grow in his faith and understanding of God, Mr G’s heart was burdened for his community to know freedom in Christ too. So earlier this year, Mr G gathered a group of Yawo men to regularly meet with Scott and Cam so they too could have the opportunity to hear stories from the Bible and have spiritual discussions.  

There are real challenges for Mr G as he seeks to live out his faith and remain within his community and culture. His wife and family are having difficulty understanding his decision to follow Jesus. 

As the team journey with Yawo people, their prayer is that whole communities will respond to the message of Jesus, not only individuals. Pray with the team that others will join Mr G, forming a faith community of Yawo believers and seekers in the village.  

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