Spiritual Conversations - Thailand

Wednesday 11 Apr

An unlikely area of common ground opens the opportunity for a conversation about Jesus. 

Carolyn’s Ethnic Thai friend Mrs N is a very spiritual person who exercises various spiritualities including fortune-telling. On one occasion, Mrs N was at Carolyn’s house along with a visiting supporter and retired pastor from Australia. Mrs N spoke about the many amulets she wore around her neck as protection from the bad forces she may encounter in her life. This prompted the visitor from Australia to speak about the cross he wears around his neck. Mrs N asked about the cross and thought he wore it for the same reason she wears her amulets. 

This gave Carolyn and the visitor from Australia the opportunity to explain what the cross means to them and that it is worn only as a symbol to remind them of God’s love rather than as an act of worship. They shared that because of the powerful God they put their trust in, they do not need to be afraid of anything nor do they need to be protected by items they wear as they have God in their lives. 

Pray that God will open Mrs N’s heart to find Him and the true peace she’s been searching for in Jesus. Pray also for Carolyn to be anointed by the Holy Spirit with wisdom and ability to speak the right words as she shares the hope of Jesus with Mrs N.

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