Spreading Out - Thailand

Wednesday 29 Nov

A young believer moves away for study.

Chiang Rai is the northernmost major city in Thailand. Established as a capital city back in 1262 it is now a bustling more modern day city compared to the small village that Prem has called home. For Global Interaction’s team members sharing Bible Study in this community with Prem and others has been a privilege. 

We are praying that Prem will continue following Jesus as he moves away from his family home and community and settles into university life in the ‘big smoke’. His family has taken on extra work to raise income for their son to study International Development. As this provision is sown into his future, we are mindful of his dream of becoming a diplomat and faithful follower of Jesus, a representative for his country and a light in the world for Jesus. 

Thank God for Prem's faith in Jesus and pray with us that he will have the opportunity to share his faith with Ethnic Thai students while at univeristy.

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