Prayers Answered - Thailand

Wednesday 22 May

Prayer is a powerful thing. 

Team member Liz shares a story of hope and answered prayers. 
"As I pulled up to the faith community camp and got out of the car I had a thought. Maybe I should make a quick video for Facebook and ask all those who may get a chance to watch it that morning to pray with us for those at the camp to have hearts to respond to Jesus. Your prayers were answered… prayer is a powerful thing.

That morning three of the members made a commitment to follow Jesus! One of them was our friend B. We first met B when we arrived in Ban Luang. B’s mother is a member of the Ban Luang faith community and she shared with the leader (Paul) about her daughter being home and not having any work. After some discussion Paul suggested she could come and help us with some cleaning and babysitting. This is why I was so happy to see she had come along to camp. It was then an even greater joy that I had the privilege to stand with her at camp as she gently whispered a prayer of commitment to following Jesus.

Later that month B attended a leadership training event for the faith communities. As the morning went on B had lots of questions. She is hungry to know more and is seeking God and reading the scriptures. The other women in the group encouraged her and shared with her testimonies from their own lives. Please pray for B, thanking God for her open heart and pray that He will continue to guide her as she trusts Him." « Back to News