Thank You Jesus! - Cambodia

Wednesday 01 Nov

God's healing power demonstrated.

As they regularly do, Scott and Janelle recently visit Khmer friends, Mr D and Mrs S who live outside the city. Scott sat with Mr D and Janelle sat with Mrs S as she worked in her shop. Between customers, Janelle encouraged and prayed with her. After a short time, they heard the terrible sound of Mr D and Mrs S’s son, Dom, falling through the roof and hitting a concrete bench. Dom was lying unresponsive on the ground with a large lump developing on his head from the impact. They determined that there were no broken bones and after a while, began to show signs of improvement. By this stage, a large crowd of Khmer had gathered. 

Driving the one hour journey to the hospital Mrs S and Janelle prayed for Dom and both felt a sense of peace that he would recover. Amazingly, the examination at the hospital showed no permanent damage and after two days he was well enough to return home. The people in the village were surprised to see Dom again so quickly and Mrs S shared with them that Jesus had healed her son. Khmer culture is entrenched in spirituality and some neighbours have mocked the family for the ‘bad karma’ that believing in Jesus has brought them. Others in the village believe that Mr D and Mrs S’s ancestral spirits are displeased with their newfound faith in Jesus.

Praise God that He has healed Dom and pray that God’s glory would shine through this situation. Pray also that Mr D and Mrs S will continue to share the faith with their community.  « Back to News