Vision Becoming Reality - Thailand

Wednesday 10 Apr

A growing, vibrant faith community...

Paul is an Ethnic Thai faith community leader. The Global Interaction intercultural team continues to equip and nurture Paul, as he equips and leads his community. These small and vibrant faith communities are the beginnings of our vision becoming a reality. Here, in his own words, Paul shares about the faith community.

“I consider myself just starting at my new job. There’s no retirement in serving God and now my job is to follow His steps and to follow His teaching. We have what we call a house church. When we meet, we basically study the Bible and each exchange our ideas after somebody reads Bible verses. We will discuss what we think and how we can apply that to our daily life. Although we are small, we are a very strong faithful group. 

For us as Jesus followers, it’s never been easy. We do not want to go back to our old beliefs. Through our actions we try to talk to each other and try to guide each other. We try to support each other by visiting each other. We believe that God has been protecting us. I know God always helps me.”

This is an excerpt from Episode 4 of the ‘Grow where you’re planted, sow where He calls’ video series produced by  Global Interaction. You can view the full inspiring video here: « Back to News