Saying Goodbye - Mozambique

Wednesday 15 Nov

The team journeys with the Yawo in life and grief.

For Yawo people living in villages, poor health facilities, nutrition, sanitation and health education means that death is very common. People of all ages die often and quickly, however this doesn’t mean that the experience of grief and hurt is any less. Last week a good Yawo friend of team members Scott, Bek, Cam and Kath passed away. He was loved by his family and had welcomed the team into his home and village. He was also seeking to learn more about God. 

Scott, Bek, Cam and Kath are journeying with the family as they grieve and seeking to offer comfort, love and hope. They are praying that over the coming weeks and months, their friend’s family would begin to seek to learn more about God for themselves. 

Pray with the team, that they may have the wisdom, peace, strength and sensitivity to walk, in the name of Jesus, with this family and others who are grieving. 

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