Just the Beginning - Lebanon

Wednesday 30 Jan

Milard and Joyce welcome many new people. 

Milard and Joyce are praising God for the recent opportunities they have had to connect with people in their community. Their church held a large event where around 100 new people attended following a personal invitation. Milard invited various people from within the community… neighbours, people he met at the gym, restaurant or airport and friends who are not followers of Jesus. Milard and Joyce were so encouraged to welcome 40 of those invited to the service, including an atheist who responded positively to it. Following the service, many people said they were impacted by what the experienced. 
Thank God for the people from the community who experienced something of God’s love through the service. Pray that this is just the beginning and God’s Spirit will open many more opportunities for Milard and Joyce to meet with these people and walk with them in their faith journeys.   « Back to News