Word and Deed - Malawi

Wednesday 23 Jun

Jean-Claude and Joyce share God's love wholistically.

Jean-Claude and Joyce are passionate about sharing the message and hope of Jesus with their neighbours and Yawo friends. But this sharing takes place within the context of a wholistic response to their friends’ needs. The Yawo live with daily challenges of poverty, preventable diseases and limited education. Joyce is a tailor, and one way that she is responding her friends’ physical needs is through teaching them how to sew as an income generating initiative. 

One woman that Joyce is teaching is Mama H. Jean-Claude writes that through learning to sew, Mama H has, “… a sense of hope and empowerment to repair, make and sell clothes. After seven months of sewing lessons from Joyce, Mama H is now a tailor and she is running her own business of making and selling clothes.” 

But this is just the start! Jean-Claude goes on to share that, “Mama H became a believer in 2020, and Joyce and I baptized her in February. A few months later she began sharing her faith with her own people. God is good!” 

This is just one story of many. 

Praise God for the way He is using Joyce and Jean-Claude to reach out and share His love through word and loving action. Give thanks for the partnership of Australian followers of Jesus that is enabling Jean-Claude and Joyce to be present in this community. And pray for Mama H, and others, as they grow in their understanding of God’s Word and share their faith in Jesus with their own community.  « Back to News