Walk the World - Response Form

Thanks so much for getting involved with Walk the World!
We'd love to hear what you got up to and how we can improve Walk the World for next year. (Plus, complete the form by November 30 and you're in the running to win one of the church or individual prizes!)

How did you go?

Thanks so much for getting involved in Walk the World 2023! 

Below are two forms, one for churches or groups to complete and the other for individuals. Fill in one of the forms to share how you and your church got involved. 

This will do three things: 
  1. Inspire and encourage others in our mission community! On Baptist Mission Australia's website and social media, we will share photos and ideas from around the country. 
  2. Enter your church into the running to win one of the 'invest back' prizes! We will carefully read through what you share, and choose two churches and one individual to win a prize. To enter, please complete the form by November 30. Head to the 'How to Win a Prize' dropdown for more information.
  3. Help us improve the Walk the World event and resources for next year. It's only the first year of Walk the World, so we know there are ways we can make it better next year! Thanks for helping us improve.
For Churches or Groups 

For Individuals
Did you participate as an individual or as part of a group? :

How to win a prize

Walk the World is not a competition, but there are some prizes up for grabs...

We are taking Walk the World as an opportunity to say thank you and invest back into church communities through some prizes. There are prizes for two churches and one individual.

The Prizes

For Churches:
  • 1st Prize: A full after service morning tea for your whole congregation to invest in your community building time. Plus, we can also provide a speaker to do the sermon or share an ministry story or update (depending on what the winning church wants).
  • 2nd Prize: Media support from our Communications Team on one project to invest in your church's media and communication. This support could take the form of editing a video, recording a podcast episode, designing a brochure or banner, providing a personalised story / reflection / thank you video from our team or another media project. The exact project will be decided in conversation with the winning church and be dependent on their media needs and our team's particular skills. 
For Individuals:
  • 1st Prize: $100 Koorong voucher to invest in your spiritual formation and growth.
Your partnership with our teams is opening doors for the Gospel to be shared. We can truly only to do this together! Please take these prizes as a active gesture of our appreciation for you and your church's partnership in mission. 


How to Enter

  1. Register: You can register for Walk the World here >>
  2. Get Involved: Use our resources and your own creativity to get involved in Walk the World. Make it a community event by encouraging your small group, family and church to get involved to. Take photos of your church community getting involved over the Walk the World weekend.
  3. Report Back: Let us know how you and your church got involved by filling out either the church or individual form. Share your experiences and photos to encourage us all! You can find the forms in the 'How did you go?' dropdown. Complete the form by November 30, 2023 to be in the running.  
Our team will carefully read all the entries and choose the winning churches and individual.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. 

Thank you again for partnering with our teams an investing in your community through Walk the World. 

And as Beacon Community – A Baptist Church wrote, “Let's continue to pray for Council, local businesses and the people in our community, as well as for those serving in ministry overseas.”