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Dema and Carolyn's Story

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Dema and Carolyn and their children, Grace and Daniel, are from Mizoram, India. Since 2010 they have been serving in Thailand, forming friendships and seeking to share the message of Jesus with the Ethnic Thai people. 

There are multiple faith communities meeting regularly with Ethnic Thai believers being equipped and empowered to lead these groups. In late 2016, Dema and Carolyn relocated to Chiang Rai where there are very few followers of Jesus.

Dema and Carolyn work as English teachers at the local schools and this role gives them a significant identity in the community on which they can build relationships. Carolyn spends her time visiting people and working with them on their farm. Along with other team members, Dema trains and journeys with the faith groups in different rural locations. Their family also participates in many local community events together.

They are thankful to God that the believers of the faith communities remain steadfast in their faith and relationships they have built have resulted in people drawing closer Jesus. Please pray for more Ethnic Thai people to believe and receive Jesus as their Lord and saviour. Thank you for your partnership in seeing vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways in Thailand.

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Prayer Points

  • That they will find ways of connecting with people of the ethnic Thai community and find opportunities to speak about Jesus
  • For guidance to inspire and empower new believers to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus
  • That the Ethnic Thai people will come to understand the love of Jesus Christ in a way that is meaningful to them

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