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Vibrant faith communities fellowship together in the Phayao-Nan area of Thailand. They meet regularly for prayer, discipleship, Bible teaching and training. Most members in these faith communities come from humble backgrounds and as the groups grow and family dynamics change, they are in need of a space to make their own for faith gatherings. 

After a decade, their family homes are no longer viable to host these growing gatherings.

Despite all the external pressures they face, these followers of Jesus have faithfully gathered, grown and shared the good news of Jesus. With families to feed, no land of their own, growing pressures and a strong desire to have a clear identity in their broader communities, this ministry house will provide a central meeting place. It will be a space to pray together, run Bible studies, hold monthly training, provide discipleship, offer community English classes, have meetings and be a house of worship for anyone that attends.

Team members Dema and Carolyn, Muana and Villy, and Liz and Glenn have long journeyed with these communities. This project is an opportunity for Australian Baptists to join our Ethnic Thai Team in supporting communities of faith in rural Thailand. 

This ministry house provides a space for followers of Jesus to grow in their faith, have a space for community identity and a house to support the groups in multiplication and sustainability.

The budget covers rent, furnishings and utilities for three years. 

Your partnership with this project provides the financial means to make this Thai ministry house a space for people to grow in faith, have a clear community and space to host others and share the good news of Jesus. 

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