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Luke and Rachel 's Story

Luke and Rachel and their three children Isaac, Tahlia and Michaela have been living and working among the Khmer people of Cambodia since October 2018.

Luke has a background in banking, economics and pastoring, He previously served as  SA/NT State Director for Baptist Mission Australia. Rachel is a speech pathologist, who specialises in working with children with disabilities. The children attend an international school in Siem Reap. Isaac enjoys basketball and gaming. Tahlia enjoys art, reading and swimming. Michaela enjoys art and rollerblading.

Luke volunteers at a local village school teaching English and is looking for opportunities to teach within local family contexts.  Rachel volunteers for an organisation that provides therapy for children with disabilities. She also spends time investing in relationships with women in the village near their home.

Luke and Rachel are passionate about sharing Jesus with their Khmer friends and continue to learn Khmer culture and language so that they can share Jesus effectively.

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Prayer Points

  • Thank God for Luke and Rachel's heart for the Khmer people to know Jesus
  • Pray that the Khmer people will come to know the healing and transformational power of Jesus' love
  • Pray that God's Spirit will be opening opportunities for the team to share Jesus' message with their Khmer friends

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