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Wednesday 14 Oct

Scott reveals the values underpinning the 2021-2025 Strategic Roadmap.

You can never talk too much about your values. They reflect who you are as an organisation, or better - for a Christian agency - who with the Spirit’s help you aspire to be.
That’s why when we developed our 2021-2025 Roadmap we were eager to ensure we gave time to refreshing our mission community’s core values. It was so encouraging to have hundreds of voices speak into this discernment process and I am excited by where we landed.
The Roadmap document, which will become publicly available in the new year, states:
As a mission community we’re committed to the following shared values.
We participate in God’s mission,
being prayerfully attentive to God’s leading.
We embrace lifelong learning,
practicing humility and curiosity while encouraging formation and growth.
We build healthy teams,
expressing a Biblical commitment to community.
We partner with others,
cultivating mutually beneficial, Kingdom-oriented relationships.
We foster innovation,
taking appropriate risks and encouraging creativity.
We stay the course,
nurturing long-term relationships.
These values capture the culture we seek to cultivate at Global Interaction as the Lord leads us.
Peter Drucker commented that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Yes, it’s vital we have a clear, strategic vision for our future; it’s important we know the priorities we will pursue together, but these mean little if our organisational culture isn’t vital, healthy and Kingdom expressing.
Ultimately, we want to be a mission community marked by people growing in Christ-likeness; people passionately committed to expressing the ways of Jesus.
The core values we have landed above are for all of us – whatever part we play in the Global Interaction story and I love that they richly apply to mission in my own backyard, as well as the other side of the world.
Values are lived out each day – in attitudes, actions, conversations, decision-making, through our relationships and behaviours. Often the small things make a big difference.
It’s a privilege to lead our mission community. We’re navigating a challenging season of change – but ahead of us are so many exciting opportunities. As we look to God’s preferred future for our mission community let’s all keep coming back to our shared values. Let’s seek with God’s help to express them in who we are and all we do!
Scott Pilgrim
Executive Director


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