Lives Changed in Lebanon
1/12/2020 4:45:04 PM | Milard

For the past 18 years, Milard and Joyce have faithfully served God in Lebanon. In this update, Milard reflects on their ministry and shares stories of lives changed.

By the grace of God we have been in Lebanon for 18 years so far serving in many ways with one purpose, “to know Christ and make Him known”. The Lord has allowed us to preach the Gospel to hundreds of people through big outreaches, through the church and through one-to one sharing of the Gospel.

In the last eight years we planted a church which started with ten adults and has grown to over 150 people. It has been a great joy to see so many come to faith, get discipled and serve the Lord wherever they are.

This church is one that loves the Lord and is passionate about sharing His message. When seekers visit us they are struck by its love, its friendliness, its liveliness and especially its worship and Christ-centred message. I would like to share just a few stories from among so many whom Christ has transformed.

A young couple with two children who attended one of our outreaches because someone from our church invited them. In this outreach they heard worship songs and then a salvation message. As a result God spoke to them powerfully and convicted their hearts to repent and follow Jesus.

The change in their lives was radical in so many areas. The Lord had met them in their hour of need and they were filled with His love, joy and peace which radiated out of them. Both George and Jacky got baptised together and became heavily involved in ministry with their children. They are an amazing testimony for Jesus.

John, Juliana and John’s father visited our church after somebody had told John about our church. They came for the first time on Good Friday when we normally do a very reflective service. After deep reflections on the cross, singing worship songs and hearing the word, John and his father were in tears and deeply touched by the spirit of God.

I went to John and his father and they asked if they could come on Sunday and of course I said yes! On Sunday I saw John, his father, his fiancé Juliana, and his sister arrive early and excited to be there. Well after a few weeks I had the privilege of leading them to a commitment to Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

This was a significant moment for John. He comes from a wealthy family but at the age of 16 his mother left them and divorced their father. She left Lebanon and went to another country. This devastated John and he turned to drugs and alcohol and became very depressed. But after giving his life to Christ, attending church, home group and being discipled, John was transformed.

His character and countenance has changed drastically and he was set free from so many addictions. He continues to press on to be whole in other areas of his life. John is on fire for the Lord and shares his faith on a regular basis. He also brings many seekers to church. John is such a joy and a blessing. He is a real miracle of God.

Tatiana was introduced to Jesus by her mother-in-law while her husband Rami had fallen away from the faith. She was encouraged to attend our church by her mother-in-law. This couple are very sucessful in the professional world.

Due to Tatiana’s love for the Lord and commitment to church her husband Rami, who was attending with her, began to be impacted by the worship, the messages and the community. As a result, he committed his life to the Lord and began to grow.

Now he co-leads a Bible study while Tatiana has grown so fast in the Lord. She is a mighty evangelist who at one time brought 11 people from her work to our church! Again, another couple who are so beautiful and contagious for Jesus.

What a privilege the Lord has given Joyce and I to see so many receive Christ, get transformed and live to make Christ known. Currently we continue to lead the church while we are in Australia due to COVID. We look forward to going back when we can to serve them further and equip them for the work of the ministry.

We are very thankful to everyone who is praying and supporting us in so many ways. Our prayer is that all who follow Jesus would live to know Christ and make Him known.

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