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Cam and Kath have been living in rural, northern Mozambique since April 2012 working with the Yawo. It’s been a challenging journey but they love the place they live and have developed some wonderful friendships with local Yawo people. They look forward to seeing how God is going to further use them to see Yawo faith communities established.

After starting their time in Mozambique in the provincial capital of Lichinga, in 2015 they moved to a small Yawo village. Their main focus is connecting with their neighbours, making new friends, continuing with their language learning of Ciyawo and exploring ways in which they can share about God’s love within their community. They have experienced wonderful moments of connection and sharing in the lives of Yawo people as well as grief and loss with their new friends.

Kath is a Physiotherapist with postgraduate theological and international health qualifications while Cam has a Bachelor of Science (Ag), a PhD in Agriculture and postgraduate theological qualifications. They have three beautiful children; Jack born November 2005, Matilda born June 2008 and Sydney born March 2011.

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Prayer Points

  • Pray for Cam and Kath as they journey with the Yawo in Mozambique
  • Ask God to provide Cam and Kath with ongoing encouragement and support for them prayerfully and financially
  • Pray that the Yawo people of Mozambique will develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus

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