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Cam and Kath's Story

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Cam and Kath, together with their three children, Jack (born 2005), Matilda (born 2008) and Sydney (born 2011), have been living and serving among the Yawo in rural, northern Mozambique since 2012. 

Their home is in a fairly remote and impoverished area which can be challenging, but their neighbours are extremely friendly, and they love being part of the community there. They have spent many years learning the culture and worldview of the Yawo people and studying Portuguese and Ciyawo languages. 

Cam holds a Bach. Science (Agriculture) and a PhD in plant breeding. Kath’s background is in healthcare with a Bach. Science (Physiotherapy) and Grad. Cert. International Health. They both have postgraduate theological qualifications. 

While they spend some time utilising their professional training, their main focus is on sharing the good news of Jesus with their neighbours and friends. They do this by getting alongside their Yawo friends, visiting, and praying with them.

They also work with the community and local government on community development projects, such as fixing schools and building toilets. This gives them the opportunity to share God’s Word and grow together with people on their journey with Jesus. 
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Prayer Points

  • Pray for Cam and Kath as they journey with the Yawo in Mozambique
  • Ask God to provide Cam and Kath with ongoing encouragement and support for them prayerfully and financially
  • Pray that the Yawo people of Mozambique will develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus

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Cam & Kath - Children's Education MZbe205

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