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Scott and Rebekah's Story

After listening to God’s story, from Creation through to Jesus, Matteu spoke to his sister and said, “This is important. You need to hear this!” 

Scott and Bek love that they get to be part of what God is doing in Mozambique. They have a vision for Yawo families and communities to be transformed as they live out the good news of Jesus. 

Moving to Mozambique in 2012, the Falconer family have worked hard at learning the language and growing in their understanding of the worldview of those they live alongside. As they have done this, they have seen relationships deepen and acceptance into community grow. It’s through these continually growing relationships that Bek and Scott have been able to have many spiritual conversations, pray with people and partner with others in identifying and meeting practical needs. They’re encouraged to see God drawing so many groups, families and individuals to know Him through His story. 

Bek and Scott’s five young children, Levi, Josiah, Katelyn, Elliana and Isaac enjoy their life in Mozambique. Outside of school time, they’re usually with their friends learning, talking and having fun. Scott, Bek, and their kids, look forward to seeing a vibrant faith community among the Yawo in the future. 

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Prayer Points

  • Pray for God’s protection and good health - physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Pray for the growth and maturity of believers among the Yawo of Mozambique
  • Pray for discernment to identify how God wants them to minister to the Yawo

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