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Communicating in a person’s heart language, in a way that is meaningful to them, is at the core of all we do. Our teams spend years focusing on culture and language learning to effectively build relationship and contextually share God’s love and hope with communities they live among.
This is what motivated Tobias, supported by the team, to conduct extensive research in Mozambique to discern whether or not the translation revision of the Bible in Malawi would be linguistically and culturally understandable if shared with the Mozambican Yawo. Would it be understandable as one’s own heart language for them or would it be more effective to develop a linguistically appropriate translation for the Mozambican Yawo?
Through the research, they discovered that the Ciyawo spoken among the Yawo in Malawi and the Yawo in Mozambique are linguistically diverse enough, through different dialects, that the translation in Malawi is not clearly understood by the Mozambican Yawo. It was also discovered that the Yawo people in Mozambique rely heavily on oral communication, meaning that a print-only version would be difficult for people to engage with. As such, having access to an oral translation of the Bible is just as important as a printed version. Accessible and linguistically appropriate Scripture is vital for community movements to Jesus.
With that in mind, Tobias and a team of Yawo translators, transcribers and back translators are commencing work on an Oral Bible Translation in Mozambican Ciyawo, which will be accompanied by a printed version where possible. For the Yawo that cannot read or where reading does not resonate like oral storytelling, they will be able to listen to the Word of God in their own heart language.
The first stage of the project is an oral translation of the book Genesis. The project team is commencing the second year of phase one and remains on track to complete this book within the planned two years from commencement by the end of 2022. The project is partnered with a major Christian media organisation who provides software and logistical support as well as training. To date, the project has launched into the Yawo community the entirety of Genesis 1-11 after these chapters underwent the rigorous process of translation and back-checking. The community response has been very positive with the translation teams continuing to work on the remaining chapters of Genesis.
It will take a number of years to translate the whole Bible, as any translation does when done thoroughly and rigorously to ensure that the translation holds firm to the Word of God and is linguistically and culturally understandable for the recipients. This project is a two year project to commence stage one of the translation and will continually be monitored and evaluated to ensure effectiveness.

The amount needed is an annual amount. Thanks to your generosity, the 2021 target was covered, but there are continued needs for 2022 and beyond. This year they are progressing well and assessing what the next steps will be for this project. 
Partnering with this project, at it’s heart, is seeing the Word of God accessible to the least-reached of Mozambique. It is empowering Yawo communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus through having their own access to the Scriptures and not being reliant on others for access!
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