The Yawo of Malawi and Mozambique

Population: 3 million
Main Trade: Agriculture
Main Religion: Islam influenced by traditional African and animistic beliefs
Key Challenges: The significant impact of weather on life sustaining crops.
Fact: Property is usually passed from a man to his sister's son


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Living among the Yawo people

“Yawo people value hospitality and making sure everyone is included. It doesn’t look fancy, it might just be an invitation to sit on the dirt in someone’s yard, but everyone is always welcome. And if there is food to eat, everyone is invited to join in. 

For the team in Mozambique, this means that there are endless opportunities to connect with people and share life, laughter, stories and hope. Pray that as team members are welcomed in, that Yawo people will encounter Jesus and that together we will continue to grow in our understanding and practice of taking good care of one another.” - Kath, Mozambique co-Team Leader

“In a community where poverty reigns supreme, the good news of Jesus brings the greatest hope. We as intercultural team members live, love and work within this community meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs as God allows, partnering alongside the faith community leaders with local income generation initiatives that fund these local ministry programs." - Melanie, Malawi co-Team Leader

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