The Yawo of Malawi and Mozambique

Population: 3 million
Main Trade: Agriculture
Main Religion: Islam influenced by traditional African and animistic beliefs
Key Challenges: The significant impact of weather on life sustaining crops.
Fact: Property is usually passed from a man to his sister's son


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Living among the Yawo people

“Our Yawo friends are acutely aware of the power, reality and danger of what’s happening in the spiritual realm. Many live their lives in fear of upsetting ancestral and other spirits, and the consequences that they believe come from that. They are often keen to talk about God and are interested to hear about Jesus and the authority He has in that realm.

Please pray with us, that as we share with people about Jesus, the truth of the Gospel will take hold in the hearts of many. Pray that our Yawo friends will know and follow the Messiah, be filled with the Spirit and walk in freedom.” - Kath, Mozambique Team Leader

“Baptist Mission Australia’s work in Malawi has moved with the tide of urbanisation. In recent years we have seen the local faith communities amongst the Yawo grow and mature. The urban believers have come together and created a childcare facility from the women’s group and a cafe from the youth group. These entities are working to create sustainable employment, as well as income to support village ministries.

As intercultural team members we stand alongside, teaching, training and developing strategies to best assist this community. The Yawo need hope through Jesus and it is an honour to share and serve in this endeavour.” - Melanie, Malawi co-Team Leader

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