The Khmer of Cambodia

Population: 14 million
Main Trade: Subsistence farming, predominantly rice
Main Religion: Buddhism
Key Challenges: Conflict between generations as young people adopt a more western mindset
Fact: Many still choose traditional Khmer medicine for healing, whether this be based on spiritual or herbal treatments, despite increasing access to modern medicine


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Living among the Khmer people

"Khmer people have a sense of pride toward their family, village and district. Being a collectivist society, strong emphasis is placed on honouring and being loyal towards family. Sometimes loyalty to family, friends or community will even override social rules. 

We don’t need big events to share God’s story, as the Khmer people love to listen to and tell stories. They will often share the stories they have heard with others. Pray for our team to be shaped by God’s wisdom and led by His Spirit in how we relate to our Khmer friends in everyday life.” - Deb


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