The Khmer of Cambodia

Population: 14 million
Main Trade: Subsistence farming, predominantly rice
Main Religion: Buddhism
Key Challenges: Conflict between generations as young people adopt a more western mindset
Fact: Many still choose traditional Khmer medicine for healing, whether this be based on spiritual or herbal treatments, despite increasing access to modern medicine


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Living among the Khmer people

Khmer people are highly committed to their families and community. Hardships are owned by the entire family and life decisions are made together. In this context, it can be difficult for someone to make a personal decision to follow Jesus.

‘It’s a hard life, but a good life’, a Khmer person once told me. Khmer people accept the uncertainty in their lives. Nevertheless, seeking a better life for future generations is important. This desire for a better life provides opportunities for the team to support Khmer people in a range of areas, including health education, social work, disability support, life and vocational skills training, spiritual formation and sports ministries.” - Rachel, Team Member

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