The Yawo of Malawi and Mozambique

Population: 3 million
Main Trade: Agriculture
Main Religion: Islam influenced by traditional African and animistic beliefs
Key Challenges: The significant impact of weather on life sustaining crops.
Fact: Property is usually passed from a man to his sister's son


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Living among the Yawo people

“The Yawo are a communally orientated people, generally living in large family groups. 
The team is committed to intentionally embodying and proclaiming the good news of Jesus in meaningful ways and forming deep relationships with Yawo people where they are and as they are. 

This involves riding bicycles or motorbikes to villages in the bush to visit with people and share stories from the Bible. It involves taking people to hospital, helping Yawo friends tend to their farms, reading God’s Word with people in our backyards and sharing stories and songs at initiation ceremonies.” - Ben, Mozambique

“We delight in watching God’s hand on the Yawo as we are witness the emergence of a faith community from a background of Folk Islam who are ready to share the good news, teach, preach and baptise. Our team no longer act as leaders but rather partners, brothers and sisters journeying together in our faith, searching for God’s voice and obeying His Word. 

We are excited to see the new direction of income generating ministry taken by the faith community in 2022 and ask for your prayers as we truly focus on empowering the community in all aspects of their lives.” - Melanie, Malawi

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