The Ethnic Thai of Thailand

Population: 57 million
Main Trade: Farming and fishing
Main Religion: Buddhism, influenced by traditional rituals
Key Challenges: Globalisation, urbanisation and influences from alternative spiritualities
Fact: Depending on which tone you use Khao (pronounced cow) can mean white, rice or the news.


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Living among the Ethnic Thai people

“‘Saving face’ for Ethnic Thais is based upon an inherent characteristic of being ‘kreng jai’, which is to be extremely considerate to others’ feelings. This makes Thailand a friendly nation and a land of smiles.

As our team seeks to share the Gospel, we often encounter this response of ‘kreang jai’ with politeness and smiles. This means that it takes time for deep relationships to be built, and for Ethnic Thai people to understand the truth of God’s Word. Please pray for the local believers and our team as we seek to contextually share the Gospel in a way that affirms the ‘kreang jai’ of the culture, while speaking the truth in love.” - Muana, Team Leader


Buddhist Lent Prayer Guide 2024
Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

*Contact our team if you would like one or more printed copies mailed to you. 

What is Buddhist Lent?
The Buddhist Lent period extends from mid-July through to mid-October, the rainy season. Buddhists use this time to cleanse themselves of the ‘bad’ in their life and often make pledges to abstain from certain practices such as drinking alcohol. Buddhist monks spend this time at the temple studying Buddha’s scriptures, meditating, and chanting. It is common practice for a Thai monk to wake well before the sun has risen to chant, meditate and pray.

We know there is one true God who hears our prayers. We want to invite you to pray with us during this Lent period for the Ethnic people of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. This guide will help you to follow the needs and prayer points of the Ethnic people and the Intercultural Team Members who work with them.

Please contact our team if you would like one or more printed copies of the prayer guide mailed to you. 


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