The Ethnic Thai of Thailand

Population: 57 million
Main Trade: Farming and fishing
Main Religion: Buddhism, influenced by traditional rituals
Key Challenges: Globalisation, urbanisation and influences from alternative spiritualities
Fact: Depending on which tone you use Khao (pronounced cow) can mean white, rice or the news.


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Living among the Ethnic Thai people

"Familial relationships are the fabric of Thai society. ‘All religions teach people to be good’ is a generic answer that most Ethnic Thais will express either as their belief or to deflect any kind of interest in the Gospel. 

In a society where doing good or making merit is something that everyone strives to do, grasping the reality of grace, unique to Christianity, is an ongoing challenge when encountering the Gospel. The team is involved in ministry platforms such as teaching English and art, beauty consultancy and hospitality. We are seeking people with passion and skills for Creation Care.” - Muana, Team Leader

The Buddhist Lent period extends from August through to October, the rainy season in Thailand. We know there is one true God who hears our prayers. We invite you to pray with us during this lent period for the Ethnic Thai people. 

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