The B people of South Asia

Population: 166 million
Main Trade: Farming and fishing
Main Religion: Islam
Key Challenges: Political instability, poverty, illness and flooding
Fact: Faith and the meaning of life are integral to the B society


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Living among the B people

“The B people of South Asia are one of the largest distinct ethnic groups in the world. They live in a region which is both densely populated and subject to annual floods and cyclones. 
The B people value family and community, and their Muslim faith is central to their identity and how they relate to one another. 

The South Asia team’s work amongst the B people is through its local community development organisation. By addressing poverty and other needs, the team are seeking to break down barriers to faith in Jesus while sharing the good news in both word and deed.”
- Ryan, Team Leader

The B people of South Asia have great physical, social and spiritual needs. The B people have a rich culture based on the influences of many communities entering the region over the centuries. Over 90% of the population identify as Sunni Muslim.

The team has a multi-faceted ministry. This includes empowering families and communities to escape the cycle of poverty. Through long-term relationships, there is also the ministry of discipleship seeking to model the love of God through Christ in culturally meaningful ways.

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