The K people of the Silk Road Area

Population: 14 million
Main Trade: Oil
Main Religion: Islam
Key Challenges: Transitioning into a globalised world
Fact: The K people are warm and hospitable and are tightly connected to their family and community


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Living among the K people

“‘Lots of work, no time,’ is the catchcry of our neighbours. The demands of the seasons and the need to celebrate important life events in a nominally Muslim culture leave little space for seeking a relationship with God. But our team has noticed how the Holy Spirit has been moving over the past year. A neighbour has come to faith and she is sharing the Gospel with others. We have welcomed three new team members and relationships with our K friends are deepening.

We are thrilled to see how God is using our ministries – English teaching, allied health, metalwork and carpentry – for relationship building and transformation.” - Eliza, Team Leader

41 Days of Prayer: 1 March - 10 April
Praying for the K people of the Silk Road Area throughout Ramadan 2024.

On the Silk Road, life is often oriented around and moulded by the seasons. This year holds a unique overlap of three significant holidays just as the K people welcome in Spring: Ramadan, Persian New Year, and Lent/Easter. As the starting date for Ramadan moves year by year, it is rare for it to overlap with these other events. 

2024 presents a key opportunity to uphold the region and the K people during this time of celebration, increased spiritual sensitivity, and religious observance.  

We invite you to use the prayer guide our team has developed to join in praying for these opportunities to bear fruit during this particularly important time. 

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