South East Asia

Population: 50 million
Main Trade: Farming
Main Religion: Islam - their animistic beliefs remain influential in daily life
Key Challenges: Most local churches are Western in style and made up of other ethnic groups that have moved to the area
Fact: Famous for their artistic and musical abilities and use many traditional instruments


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Living among the South East Asian people

“Our team is serving among three distinct people groups numbering over 50 million people who have little opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. 

We engage with these groups by ‘crossing the street’ and participating in their worlds through education, community development and social enterprises. The local people are highly communal, and honouring family expectations is extremely important to them. 

Accepting the Gospel is generally perceived as a betrayal of family. Pray that people would recognise that Jesus brings honour, love and health to communities and that through Him relationships become stronger.” - David, Team Leader

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