South East Asia

Population: 276 million
Main Trade: Farming
Main Religion: Islam - their animistic beliefs remain influential in daily life
Key Challenges: Most local churches are Western in style and made up of other ethnic groups that have moved to the area
Fact: Famous for their artistic and musical abilities and use many traditional instruments


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Living among the South East Asian people

The people of South East Asia are highly communal and draw tight boundaries around acceptable beliefs and behaviours. This can be a stumbling block to people responding to the good news of Jesus. The team is engaging with local communities through education, environmental care, social enterprise initiatives and humanitarian aid. 

Praise God that we will welcome several new team members in 2022. Pray for new initiatives including community development centres, training in hospitality, and equipping local believers in outreach efforts so that many more will enter God’s Kingdom.” - Dave,Team Leader

The Baptist Mission Australia team serves among a variety of people groups in South East Asia, predominently the B.I and S.I people. The B.I people are scattered over a number of small islands. They have a strong cultural identity and affinity for their ancestral homes. Entrenched spiritual allegiances hinder their acceptance of the Good News. Around 45 million S.I people live in one of the most densely populated regions on earth. Almost all S.I people are Muslims.

The team has established a variety of means to live and work among the B.I and S.I people, including an Education Foundation. God often communicates with B.I and S.I people through dreams and visions of Jesus. A number of groups now meet to study the Bible and grow in faith – the beginnings of new faith communities.

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