Population: 82 million
Main Trade: Agriculture and manufacturing
Main Religion: Folk religion, Buddhism and Confucianism
Key Challenges: Poverty and human trafficking
Fact: Traditionally, cuisine is based around five fundamental taste elements; spicy (metal), sour (wood), bitter (fire), salty (water) and sweet (earth).


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Living among the Indochinese people

“In Indochina, our team serves through a vocational training centre for people with disabilities. The students are trained in teaching, business management, English, baking and more. We celebrate that this centre is fully managed and operated by local people with disabilities. As team members, we come alongside these young people and share the love of Christ by doing life together.

We have also begun a weekly house church gathering where we prepare a meal and invite the local staff to join us in exploring God’s Word and praying together. Our hope and prayer is that through our house church ministry, our friends will have the opportunity to experience God’s love and care, and to slowly grow in relationship with Jesus.” - Ngoc

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